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Example of thesis for tests

Obviously it is impossible to write an example of a doctoral thesis due to the length and depth of it, but I leave a link so that you can read not only one but more than fifteen thousand examples of real thesis presented in different universities and faculties.

The thesis in an essay, as we have seen in its definition, is only the approach of the theory that we are going to defend, and that is what we will see in the following examples of thesis for argumentative essays.

Example of thesis on tobacco ban testing.

“Each year more countries join in passing laws to ban citizens from smoking in public spaces such as bars, cafes or restaurants. In some cases these prohibitions extend to smoking in parks, on sidewalks next to schools or even in some housing buildings declared free of tobacco.

Everyone sees well that smoking is not allowed in many places as tobacco is tremendously harmful as well as being addictive. The relationship between inhaling tobacco smoke and many types of cancer is fully demonstrated. However, no government has yet dared to draw the final law to avoid all the deaths caused by tobacco: a law that prohibits its sale.

They argue for individual freedom and the economic benefits of taxes on their sale, but I will show that all this is based on false claims and that banning tobacco would be the solution to a public health problem that has already taken too many Lives. ”

In this introduction for an argumentative essay is presented an example of a thesis that will defend the prohibition of tobacco as a solution to the health problems that lead to its consumption.

Example of thesis for essay on the impossibility of being sincere and the necessity of lying in a civilized society

“From infancy we are taught that lying is wrong and that we must be sincere. Sincerity is praised as a virtue, but nevertheless the mothers, while saying this, ask their children to tell the bill collector that they have a year less when they get on the bus to not pay the ticket. Or he scolds a child who tells a friend of his father that he does not like the gift that has brought him when asked.

Later on, throughout his life, he will learn not to damage the feelings of others by using the so-called “pious lies” and in his job as a salesman he will ask a young lady if the lady who accompanies her is his sister when it is evident Is his mother.

You can say that all these are “lies” and that you cannot really say that we miss the truth when we say them, but the truth is that we are not prepared for sincerity. The truth is too hard, it does not know about feelings and it would preclude social relations. I will demonstrate throughout this essay that if you want to live in society it is impossible to be totally sincere, indeed, we will be forced to lie every day of our lives. We will even lie to ourselves. And give thanks that it is so.

Because I will also prove that it is thanks to the lie that social relations are possible and tolerable and that without it we could not live with one another in peace and harmony. “

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