Marijuana legalization pros and cons research paper

The pros and cons of legalizing marijuana use

The aspirant to the Presidency was in favor of legalizing for recreational and medicinal purposes the consumption of the popular cannabis herb. While some warned that Mendoza seeks to draw attention to his candidacy with this statement, others analyzed the social implications of a measure of this nature.

For Milton Rojas, a consultant for Cero, the legalization of marijuana in Peru is not convenient due to the incidence of drug trafficking and corruption. In addition, the State could not take control of consumption, as it can not yet offer treatment to all those who suffer from infectious diseases.

“In the case of Peru, this is a particular scenario, because it is combined with a very marked narco-trafficking and corruption problem. Here to think that the state is going to take charge of the control and distribution of marijuana is utopian. The Peruvian state is trying to deal with diseases that are still uncontrollable, such as malaria and multidrug-resistant TB, “he said.

Likewise, Rojas rejected that the liberalization of the consumption, like the one of the alcohol some decades ago, is seen only from an economic perspective.

“Many economists are mistaken that this problem will only be solved from an economic perspective. It is thought that the market, when liberalized, will set the pattern of control and supply, which will reduce prices. Obviously, “he explained.

According to his view, for demand to establish the prices of marijuana would have to legalize drugs around the world, “which is utopian.”

“Chile consumes three to four times more than Peru. Uruguay and Argentina three more times. Rates of marijuana use in Peru are relatively low. By liberalizing it, it is likely to increase. Why are we going to open something that is relatively controlled? “, Asked the specialist.

BACKGROUND. The Cero expert rejected the legalization of marijuana because there is evidence that in countries where it was allowed to be freely consumed, it doubled.

Such was the case, he said, of Sweden and England. Both countries legalized the use of marijuana, but after observing the implications of this decision they chose to re-prohibit it.

“In England it was decided to allow consumption when Tony Blair was prime minister. After a few years, they verified that consumption had increased in an important way. They had to take control again. In Sweden, all the floodgates of traffic, production and consumption were opened. Finally, in Sweden they also had to step back and take control, “Rojas said.

In addition, he said that Uruguayan law that allows the consumption of marijuana is still pending regulation.

On the other hand, in the United States, where consumption has been legalized in 24 states for therapeutic purposes and in four for recreational purposes, the National Institute of Alcohol and Alcoholism has found that now double marijuana is consumed.

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