How to write an essay

In this article we give you some tips to make an essay. This is a type of text that specifically analyzes a specific topic so that we explain below how to write one and what guidelines should be followed.

Writing an essay is not at all a simple task although following a series of guidelines, and having clear the subject of which we want to speak is not that it will take us an eternity to write it. This is a type of text that can be requested when we are students but it is also a good tool for certain professions.

In general, students (and also those who are not already) have problems in making textual comments, essays, or dissertations. And in most cases, it is not that the student does not know the subject to speak about but does not know how to elaborate and order this information. Today we will talk about how to make an essay.
What is an essay?

The essay is considered a literary genre as are fiction or poetry. We can identify an essay because it is a writing that briefly and in an informative way analyzes, interprets or evaluates a particular theme. Normally, the title shows what the essay is going to and even serves as the central question that vertebra the writing.
It has certain characteristics that make it identifiable: it is written in a formal language, it is informative and it is directed to an audience that does not have to have prior knowledge about the subject, the content is relevant and well documented and the author demonstrates his knowledge about the theme.

Before doing a essay

Before making an essay you have to choose a topic, for example, you can choose “American Literature”. Once we have this we document and study the subject in depth (we search what is, its development, its history, main authors, curiosities, known quotes, images, bibliography …). Finally, it is necessary to delimit the subject once we have before us all the information, for example, “Beginnings of the genre police in North America” ​​and a question that will vertebrata our essay “Why was successful the detective novel in its beginnings?”. Remember that these examples are orientate, ask your teacher about the best orientation for your essay.
Structure of an essay


The first part is the introduction and presents the purpose of the writer, the approach to the theme and the organization of the essay. It usually has an extension of about two paragraphs. In the first one we will make a brief introduction of the subject and in the second we will expose the thesis that we are going to defend by pointing the basic questions to the ones we will try to answer and the logical order that we will follow in the essay.
Development or Body. Here we will try to make a kind of expository text. We must avoid humor, sarcasm or colloquial vocabulary. Here we will follow the logical order presented in the introduction and we will expose each thesis with the specific evidence to support it. For example, one thesis would be that the detective novel was very successful thanks to its publication in low cost supports and the evidence given would be to provide names of Pulp publications, number of copies sold, most successful authors … You can use things like analysis, Comparison and difference, classification and “cause-effect” arguments. Do not forget to enter quotes in quotation marks with their corresponding footer.
Conclusion. The conclusion has two parts. The first will be to summarize what you have explained in section 2 and, finally, to establish a conclusion that can be summarized in a key phrase.
Other elements of the formal presentation of an essay is to make a careful cover and a numbered index with the pages and sections of the essay, we will put it before the Introduction. And after the conclusion we should not forget to make a bibliography with the works or Webs that we have only consulted and with the Works or Webs that we have quoted in the essay.

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