How to make a book essay in five steps

To write an essay, it is important to know first its main characteristics.
It is a type of personal work, in which the voice of the author prior to a formal structure of writing.
In this article, you are offered a series of steps on how to write an essay about a book.
1. First step: Read and reread the book
A thorough and thorough reading of the book chosen is the first step. If, for example, it is a question of writing an essay about a novel, the reader must be sure to have understood the whole plot, to have analyzed the characteristics of the characters, as well as to have grasped what the author wanted to convey, Global, with the story of his work.

2. Second step: Choose a theme
A book can address a large number of topics. The essay cannot be extremely extensive and confusing and address several topics at once. This would only result in unclear writing for the reader. Therefore, it is necessary to delimit the essay or, to make a global, integral approach of the work, which does not mix too many ideas.
3. Third step: The structure of the essay
While every essay has a free style, making a kind of outline, part by part, can greatly help to understand the ideas or reasoning that will be broken down.

For example, a book that talks about air pollution. The test can perform an analysis on this phenomenon, starting with detailing the concept of pollution and its characteristics and consequences in terms of air. Then the author decides how to structure his essay, he can talk about other aspects, possible solutions to that phenomenon, among other points.

4. Fourth step: The arguments
The arguments are the axis of the work. It is here that the author exposes all his capacity for reasoning, in order to be able to reliably convey what he thinks or proposes in relation to the subject matter.

Some practical tips for writing the arguments:

Try to be original. The essay must always reflect a personal point of view, the author’s own voice. It is not just about explaining a particular topic. It seeks at the same time to convince the idea of ​​the author.
Coherence and structure. A well elaborated argument, has coherence, is easy to understand and above all, it is quite noticeable that the author has thought well the words he has used and the way he presents them to your reader
For example, if we want to write an argument about the reasons why it is necessary to regulate the use of mobiles in schools, we should present the reader with concrete facts that are negative about this, and therefore, argue in favor of a Regulation that is favorable to the development of classes, but at the same time, respecting the freedom of these people.
5. Fifth step. The conclusion
The last step is to do a final review of everything written. With the draft of the essay in front, the author can make a final contribution, highlight an earlier idea, or a brief summary of the main points that have already been developed.

It must always be emphasized that an essay on a book is not a summary of it. It is not a matter of speaking only about what the work is about. The reader who reads this essay, hopes to know the author’s personal vision.

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