Example of Argument essay

The argument is a concept, part or section of logic that has the mission to convince or demonstrate in a substantiated and systematic way another person or people that what is said is true or is correct. This word is derived from the Latin “argumentum” and can be translated as “conjugate”.

An argument must contain:

Premises and
It tries to guide or guide in a logical way who is directed to come to the conclusion adduced in said concept or document and is the use of varied premises that lead to a conclusion.

In other words an argument is the means to express one reasoning and convince another and this can be in both written and verbal form always using logic so that who receives it reaches a final result.

Examples of argument:

First example:

“Here’s a classic argument”:

All men are mortal (Premise major)
Socrates is a man (Premise minor)
Therefore Socrates is mortal (Conclusion)

Second example:

The constitution is the supreme law in the country. (Major premise)
All other laws are inferior to the constitution and derive from it (minor premise)
The civil code is a secondary law and forces everyone to comply (minor premise)
The civil code is a law that derives from the constitution and therefore must be obligatory. (Conclusion)

Third example:

The law says that private individuals can and can not do. (Major premise)
The law does not prohibit a person from getting wet in the rain whenever he wants. (Minor premise)
The law allows everyone to get wet when it rains. (Conclusion)

Fourth example: (False argument)

In cities, people have AIDS (major premise)
Antonio moved to the city (minor premise)
Now Antonio has “AIDS” (Conclusion)

Fifth example: (False argument)

Cristina is a very pretty singer (Premise mayor)
My sister is also called Cristina (Premise minor)
My sister is also a singer (Conclusion)

Sixth example: (False argument)

American Pit bulls are dogs used for clandestine fights (Major Premise)
My son Lorenzo has an American Pit-bull (Premise minor)
My son makes clandestine fights (Conclusion)

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