What is the purpose of a persuasive essay

Persuasive essays are documents that seek to convince their readers of a certain point of view, rather than merely presenting information. If you are faced with a task of writing a persuasive essay, there are four basic components you need to write good persuasive prose: introduction, thesis, proof and conclusion.

The beginning of your essay should appeal to readers. While you may seek informative essays because you want to learn the information they contain, a persuasive essay does not hold such value to the reader. For this reason, the introduction of your essay should attract your readers to keep reading. Starting the introductory paragraph with an interesting fact or a bold statement helps to ensure that the reader continues reading.

Your thesis is the opinion that the reader should have at the end of your essay. You need to summarize this opinion in a single sentence and place it at the end of your introductory paragraph. In addition to acting as a transition in the rest of your essay, it will ensure that the reader knows exactly what you are going to discuss when you complete the introductory paragraph.

The reader will not simply take your word to accept your thesis. You need to give reasons that your opinion is correct and that he should maintain it as well. Think at least three different pieces of evidence that your opinion is true and structure each paragraph of the body so that each present and explain one of your pieces of evidence.

The last paragraph of your persuasive essay, your conclusion, is the place for your reinforcement of your point. While your introduction attracted the reader and presented your thesis, your conclusion will summarize the evidence you presented in the section of the body. While you are opining on the same evidence, you need to rephrase how you present the evidence in order not to sound repetitive. End your conclusion with an affirmation of how the evidence presented tested your thesis.

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